Age Spots Treatment in Hoboken NJ

Age Spots Treatment in Hoboken NJ

What Are Age Spots?

Age spots can be defined as marks that appear on the skin. The spots (also known as liver spots or solar lentigines) are linked to several causes

They also have a distinctive appearance that differentiates them from other types of spots i.e., they are darker than the surrounding skin. Age spots are usually brown, tan, or black in color.

It’s worth noting that age spots are harmless. However, they compromise how the skin looks, promoting some people to want to remove them. 


Everyone desires great-looking skin. However, as we age and live our day-to-day lives, the skin is susceptible to aging and related signs like wrinkles and marks. At the top of common age-related skin conditions are age spots. 

You probably landed here because you are seeking age spots treatment in NJ.  Before you make a decision on treatment, it is prudent to understand all there is about age spots from the definition to Age spots treatment in Hoboken NJ.

Prevalence of Age Spots

While the term age spots make people assume they have an age-related cause, age spots can affect anyone at any age. They also affect all sexes and races. However, they affect some people more than others.

You are more susceptible to age spots if you are older (40 and above), have fair skin, and have a history of prolonged/frequent sun exposure and tanning bed use.

Causes of Age Spots

What causes age spots? Excess melanin and overexposure to sunlight are some leading causes of age spots. The spots can form when the body produces excess melanin (the pigment responsible for giving the skin its color). UV rays from the sun prompt production of excess melanin which leads to darker skin. Age spots form when excess melanin clumps together. 

Age spots are also linked to skin aging and tanning beds

How do I know I Have Age Spots?

We’ve already described age spots as dark spots (brown, tan, or black in color). However, the skin can have marks that aren’t age spots. So, if you are wondering what age spots look like, look for darker spots than the rest of your skin. The spots appear mostly on the face, shoulders, upper back, forearms, hands (back), and feet (top). 

What’s more, they can be identified according to size. As per the AOCD, age spots can vary in size from 0.2 to 2 cm in diameter. Age spots are formed in clusters or individually. As mentioned above, age and skin color also increase susceptibility. If you are 40 and above with lighter skin and all other signs, you probably have age spots. 

While you may be certain you have age spots and ready for age spots treatment in Hoboken NJ, it’s advisable to visit a med spa in Hoboken NJ, for a proper diagnosis by a qualified and experienced dermatologist. 

A dermatologist performs visual exams using tools like dermatoscopes. A skin biopsy is done if the physical exam doesn’t offer a conclusive diagnosis.

Age Spots Treatment in Hoboken NJ

Why Should I Bother with Age Spots Treatment in Hoboken NJ?

As mentioned above, age spots are harmless. However, they compromise skin appearance. Seeking treatment is important for improving appearance and related benefits like improved self-esteem. If you are unhappy because of age spots, you should seek treatment.

Natural Treatment for Age Spots. How do I Treat Age Spots at Home?

There are natural remedies for reducing the appearance of age spots. For instance, some studies suggest that aloe vera can lighten dark skin spots. Research also suggests that orchid extract can lighten age spots. 

Topical creams with aloe vera, orchid extract, among other ingredients known to boost skin health, can deal with age spots. However, you should be careful about chemicals in topical creams marketed as age spot treatments. Such creams can do more harm than good. 

Make-up can also be used to cover. However, this is a temporary solution. 

How to Prevent Age Spots

If you are susceptible to age spots, you may want to take preventative measures. Since most home treatments and remedies aren’t guaranteed to work, preventative measures are encouraged.

For instance, the ADD suggests that you should use broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF of 30 or more) when you expose yourself to sunlight. However, the sunscreen should have UVA & UVB protection and other properties like water resistance. It also helps to apply sunscreen in time i.e., 15 minutes before venturing outdoors, for you to get optimal protection. 

Sunscreen addresses age spots caused by exposure to UV sunlight. There are studies that have shown sunscreen (SPF 30) also stops already developed age spots from darkening. It also helps to avoid the hottest time of the day (10 am to 2pm). 

Avoiding tanning beds can also help to lower your risk of getting age spots.

Effective Age Spots Treatment

If you already have age spots, the prevention measures above don’t mean much. What’s more, if you have tried the above home remedies in vain, there is hope. Age spots can be treated permanently. 

i. Laser Treatment

Dermatologists can deal with age spots faster and more effectively than home remedies. Laser treatment is among the best age spots treatment today. As the name suggests, this treatment uses laser energy (light) to kill melanin-making cells that produce excess melanin and cause age spots. 

Laser treatment does not harm the skin’s surface. Laser treatment for age spots involves several visits to a dermatologist. The exact treatment visits will depend on the number of age spots or size of the treatment area. 

Age spots fade a few weeks to months after laser treatment. This treatment is highly recommendable because it is painless and safe. It is also free of severe side effects. The treatment area may be temporarily discolored; however, normal pigmentation is restored after a while. A patient is also required to take care of their skin going forward through measures like applying sunscreen when going outdoors.

While laser treatment is proven effective in getting rid of age spots, you must seek treatment from the best med spa you can get. 

Gold Coast Medical Artistry is one such med spa offering the best age spots treatment in Hoboken NJ. The spa has the equipment and highly qualified & experienced skin specialists (a cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist) capable of offering laser treatment for age spots safely and effectively. 

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ii. Other Treatments

There may be other age spots treatments like chemical peels. However, such treatments involve applying chemicals that peel the outer skin layer with age spots and allow new, spotless skin to grow. Chemical peels are usually acidic, with obvious symptoms ranging from discomfort to itching and pain. 

Other treatments include dermabrasion which is “sanding” the treatment area to remove the age spots and letting new skin grow. Dermabrasion is uncomfortable and potentially painful. Intense dermabrasion (microdermabrasion) may also be required for stubborn age spots. This procedure results in effects like skin redness and scabbing. 

While these treatments can work, they come with serious risks. Most importantly, you aren’t assured of results. In fact, novice age spots treatment in Hoboken NJ can worsen your problem. The importance of seeking age spots treatment from true professionals can’t be overlooked. 

Age Spots Treatment in Hoboken NJ