Benefits And Side Effects Of Microneedling

Benefits And Side Effects Of Microneedling

Everyone deserves glamorous and flawless skin. This micro-needling is a derma roller procedure that helps you to make your skin smoother and firmer. Microneedling is a skin treatment that is also known as skin collagen induction therapy. This induces collagen production in your skin and helps to make it glow and look flawless. However, the treatment of micro-needling is one of the benefits of medspa that give a chance to your skin to breathe and grow.

To every skin treatment, there are some benefits as well as side effects.

Benefits of micro-needling

Microneedling is a non-surgical skin treatment that with its fine needles gets passed through your skin to give it several benefits. It is considered to be the best skin care treatment as it opens the clogs and makes your skin breathe by giving many advantages to it.

Diminish wrinkles and lines around the face

With passing time and increasing age but most importantly the stress and anxiety of every day affect your skin in a bad way causing wrinkles and lines around your face. This might make you self-conscious at a certain time which is not a healthy thing. So, therefore, micro-needling is the best skin care treatment you can give to yourself. But going for such cosmetic treatment you must know the best medspa that doesn’t ruin your skin instead of making it finer.

Reduces scars

The best skin care treatment that can help in reducing your scars is micro-needling. This procedure takes the tiny, sterile needles inside your skin that break the old tissues in your skin and the skin to produce the new ones with the production of elastin and collagen, which in result diminish your old scars and help you generate new smoother skin.

Reduce the stretch marks

Stretch marks are stubborn to wipe off. They are very difficult to treat and make their appearance dim down on your skin. There are very few cosmetic treatments that can make their appearance improve and this requires many other treatments aside like Fraxel and laser treatment. However, microneedling alone is enough to make your skin flaws go right.

Reduction of hyperpigmentation and sunspots

There are some of the best medspas that offer such treatment with several benefits in which Hoboken medspa is one. Microneedling with its invasive procedure with prinking into your skin and make your collagen production increase and on the contrary, it reduces the hyperpigmentation and gives your skin an even skin tone by balancing your skin colour making it look clearer.

What are the side effects of micro-needling?

To every benefit, there is always a side effect to it. However, micro-needling pricks your skin opening up your pores with tiny needles, though this process is painless but does cause a little irritation on your skin. This treatment is needed to be done from the best medspa for which you can consider Hoboken medspa.

Minor risks

Microneedling makes your skin do the natural process of making collagen and improving elastin to make your skin glow and firmer. But on the other hand, this can cause some primary side effects on your skin that can make you self-conscious and may irritate you. These include swelling, redness, dryness, bruising and may cause discomfort at the site of treatment. But these are the minor and small side effects after the treatment which usually most people experience.

Major side effects

But there are some other risks you can face after having that treatment done. There are some which include bleeding, though bleeding is an uncommon reaction to it and most people don’t have such. This could be due to bleeding disorders or the people who are on blooding thinning medications. It would be better to inform your esthetician who is going to perform this treatment on you before the procedure takes place.

There are many other serious risks to this treatment that you must need to know before trying out micro-needling. The foremost serious risk to that is an infection on your skin. This can be caused if you have active acne or unstable skin type. Hoboken medspa takes treatment on your skin after taking a complete history so no damage could cause to your skin. These risks can also include skin burns especially when the skin interacts with heat.


If you opt for Hoboken medspa you are going for the best medspa for the treatment of your skin. Microneedling provides you with immense benefits with very few amount of risks and side effects. For clearer, smoother and finer skin, microneedling is the best skin care treatment that you can have with minimum risks and side effects to your skin. But going for such treatment, you need to look for a medspa with experienced aestheticians who know what they are doing on your skin. 

Benefits and side effects of Microneedling

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