The best 6 treatments for wrinkles above lips – ways to prevent them

The best 6 treatments for wrinkles above lips - ways to prevent them


Lips are an important feature on your face that gets the most attention. A fine and smooth lip area enhance the beauty of your face. But with aging, you might be stressed about the fine vertical lines above your lips, which are primarily known as wrinkles. There’s nothing bad at it as it confines the beauty of your age, though those lip lines are not a problem at all.

They usually appear in your fifties but most probably in your mid-twenties, they start to get visible. The area above your upper lip is delicate and thick but with time and aging the collagen starts decreasing, which causes wrinkles above lips forming vertical lines stretching your mouth, even which lipstick cant conceal.

 However, there is some best non-surgical treatment for upper lip lines and also best creams for wrinkles around lips, which are proving a beneficial treatment when someone asks that how to treat lines around lips?

How to get rid of wrinkles around lips?

There used to be many home remedies to prevent the wrinkles or lip lines that contributed to the beauty of your lips, though there are many best creams for wrinkles around lips and serums that exfoliate your skin and increase the production of collagen but treating this at home can be temporary or ineffective. However, with emerging time we can count some of the treatments which help in the elimination of wrinkles above lips for the long term. In this case, the question arises that how to treat lines around lips?

Here are six of the treatments for lip lines that you can count on;

  1. Derma fillers

An injectable gel-like fluid, which can be naturally occurring or synthetic, is injected in the area of wrinkles and lines, which fills it with this and gives it a wrinkle-free look. They can generally treat smile lines, as they contain hyaluronic acid which is basically for lips and gives effective change.

  1. Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is another method to treat wrinkles around the mouth. This laser resurfacing removes the dead skin cells on the upper layer of skin and makes skin look tighter and brighter. It’s the best non-surgical treatment for upper lip lines. Such treatment is specifically used for the wrinkles around the mouth, giving you a much younger and youthful look. This is considered to be an effective and long-term treatment than the rest.

  1. Microneedling

The third method for eliminating wrinkles above lips is micro-needling, which is a cosmetic procedure. This mainly is a process of patching skin with thin small sterilized needles, which help the collagen to act faster in the skin and give a smooth and fine look. This method is less expensive than laser treatments and also protects the skin from pigmentation like a laser as it contains heat. This treatment can also be known as collagen induction therapy.

  1. Botox

Another treatment for lip lines is Botox which is the most in method nowadays. This process by injecting the botulinum toxin into the skin, which weakens the muscles to avoid their contraction as the muscle movement of the upper lip is more which causes wrinkle above lips and Botox is a good method to treat this but this is a temporary and short term treatment.

  1. Platelet-rich plasma

After knowing that the body can heal itself on its own, this platelet-rich plasma therapy is in use today which has beneficial results. This treatment uses the patient’s blood to prepare a solution with the patient’s platelets and plasma, which heals the affected site on its own.

  1. Chemical peel

A chemical peel is the removal of an upper layer of skin by a chemical that can be recommendable for the removal of wrinkles above lips. This lets the younger skin grow and gives a blemish look to your face. In the initial stages, it can be sensitive to the sun so use sunscreen so uses it regularly.

Do Wrinkles above lips can be prevented?

You might have heard a famous saying which states prevention is better than cure. Definitely yes, there is prevention to everything so as the wrinkles above your lips. There are some things by avoiding which you can prevent the lip lines and protect your smile.

To avoid the wrinkles around lips, avoiding the use of a straw can prove to be beneficial as it makes the lip muscle contract deforming the shape. However, another thing you can do to prevent this is quit smoking. Smoking makes your blood vessel shrink around the lips and reduce the blood flow which eventually becomes the reason for your lip lines.

Although hydrating and moisturizing your lips are the best way to prevent the wrinkles above your lips.

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