Crows Feet Treatment in Hoboken NJ

Before receiving any kind of treatment, it’s important to do some research. When seeking crows feet treatment in Hoboken NJ it’s critical to understand the condition beforehand as well as other important information like causes of crow’s feet, treatments, etc. 

Crows Feet Treatment in Hoboken NJ

What Is Crows Feet?

Crow’s feet can be defined as a common beauty concern characterized by “crow feet-looking” wrinkle lines that appear on the corners of the eyes spreading outwards (from the eye corners).

Since crow feet lines are merely a beauty concern, you can choose to do nothing about them.

Main Causes of Crow's Feet

There are 3 main causes namely;

I. Aging and Specific Facial Expressions

If you are wondering where you got crow’s feet from, the lines develop over years due to muscle contractions that repeatedly occur when you make facial expressions. The obvious cause is age followed by specific facial expressions when you smile.  

As you age, the skin changes, increasing your susceptibility to wrinkles and other facial lines. Aging reduces skin elasticity and plumpness. Skin movements produced by specific facial expressions (like smiling a certain way) are also linked to crows feet. How we express happiness, as well as sadness on our faces, can also cause facial lines.

II. Sun Damage 

Harmful UV sunlight can also damage the skin and lower collagen levels that make the skin elastic, plump, and resistant to wrinkling and facial lines. Sun damage can also damage oil glands leaving the skin drier.

III. Free Radicals & Hormonal Changes

Free radicals have been linked to accelerated skin aging. Hormonal imbalances such as decreasing levels of male and female hormones (testosterone & estrogen) and other hormones (growth hormones) are also proven to affect skin health negatively.

While there are more reasons to seek crows feet treatment in Hoboken NJ, the above reasons are the most notable.

Crows Feet Treatment in Hoboken NJ

Types of Crows Feet

Before seeking NJ crows feet treatment, it’s good to understand the type of crows feet you have. Crows feet can be dynamic or static.

Dynamic crows feet appear when muscles are contracting. They are visible when you make certain expressions, after which they disappear. On the other hand, static crows feet don’t disappear. They are present permanently and tend to be worsened by certain facial expressions like squinting.

Natural Remedies for Crows Feet

Before seeking treatment for crow’s feet, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do at home to minimize or get rid of the problem? Well, here are a few options to consider.

Concealing Crow’s Feet

How do you hide, reduce or prevent crows feet? 

Well, you can use a moisturizer if you trace the problem to skin dryness caused by things like sun damage. Makeup can also reduce the appearance or hide crow’s lines, among other facial lines. However, you need an expert to avoid worsening the problem. You can also avoid some products i.e., dark liquid lines, eyelashes, and shimmery eye shadow believed to increase the appearance of crows feet.

Proactive approaches that can reduce your risk of ever getting crow’s lines include limiting exposure to harmful UV light. Wearing sunscreen will also help. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising are other ways of eliminating free radicals, which prevent crows feet.

The above natural or home remedies for crows feet can work. However, when you already have crows feet, you need a better solution to the problem. 

Crows Feet Treatment

The best crows feet treatments are dictated by personal preference i.e., what is your preferred outcome. The best treatments may also be a combination of two or more treatments.

I. Botox or Xeomin

One of the best, most effective crows feet treatments today is Botox and Xeomin. Botox is an injectable that stops nerve impulses from reaching muscles in a certain area. Reduced muscle activity translates to less facial wrinkles/lines like crows feet. Considering most crows feet develop from facial expressions, Botox injections can deal with the problem effectively. 

In case you are wondering about safety, Botox has been FDA approved since 1985. However, there is a better alternative to Botox in the treatment of crows feet. Xeomin dates back to 2010. The Botox alternative offers faster results with fewer safety risks. The effects also last longer.

Both treatments are injected into the treatment area using small fine needles that are painless. The treatments relax the muscles around the corner of the eyes, reducing the appearance of crows feet. They can get rid of crow’s feet completely if they aren’t pronounced. Most importantly, you don’t have to restrict your facial expressions. However, you may need repeat treatment after some months.

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II. Other Crows Feet Treatments

Dermal fillers can also be used in crows feet treatment. The aesthetic injectables enhance facial appearance by correcting odd parts i.e., facial lines, and filling them up. The fillers add volume, level the skin, and improve appearance. While most dermal fillers are used for enhancing the lips, they can be used in other areas like cheekbones and around the eyes. 

To get safe and effective dermal filler treatment, visit a professional medical spa with qualified experts i.e., aesthetic dermatologists who understand safe and effective crows feet treatment. Common dermal fillers use natural ingredients, mainly hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the skin. 

Other treatments include chemical peels. However, it is not advisable to use chemicals on your skin for obvious reasons. Chemical peels can be painful or uncomfortable. They can also cause other harmful side effects. 

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Crows Feet Treatment in Hoboken NJ