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Before you consider dermaplaning in Hoboken or anywhere else, it's important to go back to the basics.

What is Dermaplaning?

In layman’s terms, dermaplaning is a spa procedure that involves “shaving” the skin to remove fine/small baby hairs and dead skin to offer results such as glowing and softer skin. The procedure can also be defined as a noninvasive procedure that rejuvenates the face.

Dermaplaning (which is also called blading or microplaning) utilizes a sharp surgical blade held at an angle to gently scrape the outer dull and dead skin layer.

Dermaplaning is done by aestheticians or doctors. The procedure takes approximately 10-20 minutes but may vary depending on the size of the treatment area and other factors, such as if the procedure is being done as part of other facial procedures.

How is dermaplaning done?

How it works

Dermaplaning is necessary because the skin is exposed to irritants, environmental toxins, sun damage, and other elements on a daily basis. These elements can make the skin dull, rough, and aged over time. Dermaplaning clears the topmost layer of the skin that harbors dead skin and shows the effects of environmental toxins and aging. The procedure clears away the top layer allowing newer skin cells to grow.


How it’s done

Dermaplaning is generally the same everywhere. As mentioned above, the procedure utilizes a special dermaplaning tool (sharp, sterile blade) held at an angle and dragged slowly on the skin to remove dead skin, scar tissue, among other debris responsible for making the skin dull, uneven, or rough.

The procedure is painless. However, a tingling sensation is expected. Most people who seek the best dermaplaning services in Hoboken enjoy painless services free of irritation. Individuals who choose the best medical spas in Hoboken should also expect professional services done while observing the highest levels of cleanliness, comfort, and professionalism.

Dermaplaning can be done using local anesthesia, numbing spray, or as a combination of general anesthesia and oral sedative. However it is commonly done without anesthesia or related products since its a painless procedure.

Aestheticians use sterilized manual or electronic dermaplaning tools and work gently exfoliating skin. The dermaplaning tool is held at an angle (45-degrees). After approximately 30 minutes, the procedure should be complete. To prevent/control tingling sensations, a topical cream such as aloe vera cream is applied. Some sunscreen may also be prescribed to protect the face.

Dermaplaning benefits

6 benefits to receiving dermaplaning

Dermaplaning makes the skin smoother, more radiant, and youthful.

The procedure has other notable benefits like removing deep scarring, uneven pockmarks, and acne scars.

. Dermaplaning also removes short/tiny and soft facial hairs

The procedure is safe for everyone, regardless of skin type. It can work for individuals with dry skin, dull skin, fine wrinkles, acne scars, sun-damaged skin, and more.

Dermaplaning procedures can improve the absorption of serums and creams into the skin. While these benefits are still being researched, there are many reasons to believe removal of dead skin cells improves absorption of topical skincare products.

The procedure is a great alternative to chemical face peels. Individuals interested in exfoliating treatment in Hoboken have a great natural alternative to consider. Dermaplaning in Hoboken is a safe manual procedure that doesn’t involve the use of chemical peels.

Dermaplaning results

Dermaplaning results are instant as removing the top layer of dead skin, fine hairs, and scarring. The procedure offers an instant change in the appearance and texture of the skin. With the right aftercare procedure i.e., limiting exposure to sun damage, keeping your skin clean, hydrated, etc., the results can last for a month or more. The skin renews itself monthly.

If the procedure is done by true dermaplaning experts in Hoboken and you follow the recommended aftercare procedures and products, you may need to do dermaplaning just a few times yearly.

Who is dermaplaning for?

As mentioned above, dermaplaning is a safe procedure for anyone who wants to get rid of common skin problems such as dead skin, dull skin, fine lines, etc., that compromise appearance. However, it is advisable to seek a professional opinion from a dermatologist if you have active skin issues like flaring rosacea breakout, active acne, eczema, and psoriasis. You should be cautious if you have an existing skin issue.

The purpose for seeking dermaplaning should also be established. For instance, if you want the procedure specifically to remove baby hair on your face, there may be better, more permanent solutions like laser hair removal. Otherwise, dermaplaning is perfect for individuals looking to get smoother, more radiant skin free of dead skin cells and other problems like sun damage.

Dermaplaning in Hoboken: Finding the best dermaplaning specialist in Hoboken

While dermaplaning is a safe procedure, the safety is largely dependent on the specialist doing the procedure. The importance of choosing the best dermaplaning services in your area can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

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Dermaplaning in Hoboken

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