Eye Bag Filler: Worth It?

The world of cosmetic surgery is full of options, but one that seems to be growing in popularity is under-eye bag filler. The idea behind this treatment is simple – it eliminates wrinkles and bags from the area below your eyes. But, you could be wondering whether or not it really is worth your money and time? In this post, we look at what under-eye bag fillers are and why you should consider getting the treatment in a med spa.

Eye Bag Filler: Worth It?

What are under-eye bags?

These are the small pockets of fat that can form below your eyes due to aging. These bags are not visible at all times since they’ll tend to disappear with age but then gradually reappear around your 40s and 50s when you start noticing wrinkles in that area.

What are under-eye bag fillers?

This is a treatment that offers a minimally invasive option for plumping up the area under your eyes. It’s not too different from a Botox treatment but is done in such a way that it will also address wrinkles and drooping skin.

Under-eye bag fillers are injected into these areas, where they act as a filler to smoothen out the appearance of the skin below your eyes. The results can be drastic – you might notice an improvement right away after just one injection.

The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes, with the minimal downtime required afterward, so there isn’t much risk involved at all when getting this service done by our team here in Indianapolis. Unlike surgery which requires incisions, scars, and downtime, injectable treatments like this don’t come with any of those risks.

What happens during an under-eye bag filler treatment?

First, a topical numbing cream is applied to the skin for about 15 minutes, so you don’t feel anything while it takes effect. The doctor will use different instruments (needles) which are inserted into those areas just below the eye socket where the puffiness tends to be more evident than other parts of your face. This causes mild discomfort for some people as there may be slight bruising or swelling for the first few days.

Afterward, there will be a healing process for about two weeks which involves that area of your skin turning into an intense red color and feeling tight or swollen before it starts to heal and lightens up in appearance.

How effective is under-eye bag filler? 

This treatment should not be done unless you have deep-set wrinkles present around the lower lids of your eyes. This procedure can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour with some bruising but no anesthesia involved, so it’s much less invasive than other procedures such as laser surgery or cosmetic injections like Botox.

The effects are visible within hours after having this treatment! In our experience at Gold Coast Med Spa, we recommend doing consultations beforehand to ensure the treatment is worth it.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment itself doesn’t hurt, but some people say it can be uncomfortable. There is also a recovery period after having these injections done that might make you feel sore and swollen for about two weeks until all effects are resolved.

It’s possible for this treatment to cause bruising or swelling around your eyes during those first few days following the procedure, which will subside over time as long as they’re taken care of properly with ice applications and compression garments if necessary.

Are under-eye bag fillers worth it?

Yes. These fillers will give you results that are more natural than a facelift or other invasive treatments, such as surgery. You will achieve a youthful appearance without having to go through all the risks that come with surgery.


Eye Bag Filler: Worth It?

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