Facial Extractions in Hoboken NJ


Before you consider going for facial extractions in Hoboken NJ, it’s important to understand the procedure in detail.

Define Facial Extractions

Facial extractions (also referred to as deep pore cleansing) is a mechanical or manual procedure done as part of a hydrafacial to clear compacted or clogged pores. Most people need several extractions during a facial to enjoy the best results.

Why Do You Need Facial Extractions?

Over time, our skin pores are bound to get clogged by excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt/debris, which oxidize, resulting in blackheads (visible dark spots in the skin). Blackheads are almost guaranteed regardless of a person’s daily skincare routine. Extractions get rid of blackheads, as well as pimples and pustules, depending on their depth and size.



When Do You Need Extractions?

Some skin pores may require extraction earlier than others. Attempting to extract pores that aren’t ready can result in blemishes, among other skin problems. You need a professional to get the timing right.

Dangers of DIY facial extractions


While you can attempt to do facial extractions on your own at home, it isn’t advisable to do so because;


I. Not all pores are ready for the procedure


Most people who attempt DIY facial extractions tend to squeeze the wrong pores. Before attempting to do extractions at home, you should know which pores are ready to be popped and the ones that need to be left alone.


II. You need experience to perform extractions without leaving a mess


It takes skill and experience to extract without leaving a bloody mess and scarring.


III. Not all skin will take facial extractions kindly


Some skin types can react violently to DIY poking and prodding. Extractions basically squeeze skin, increasing chances of inflammation and infections if burst pimples result in skin tears that don’t heal properly.


A skin specialist will know the pimples to avoid and how to tackle different pores that may be unique to different skin types. Most importantly, skin specialists can tell apart pimples that need attention from those that tend to look lumpy but don’t have visible heads.


IV. You may need expert help


You may need a dermatologist to drain a cyst. A pimple may also refuse to pop as expected. If you have certain skin conditions like inflammatory acne, you shouldn’t attempt DIY extractions. The procedure should be done in medical spas fully equipped with professionals and the right equipment to avoid bacterial skin infections, among other problems that can worsen your face.


Most importantly, extractions aren’t one-off. You need a skin specialist to advise you on how many procedures you need.

Where can I get Facial Extractions in Hoboken NJ?

From the above information, it’s clear why you shouldn’t attempt DIY extraction at home. Luckily Hoboken NJ is home to one of the best medical spas for facial extractions – Gold Coast Medial Artistry.


The spa has true professionals (a licensed aesthetic dermatologist, and a cosmetic surgeon, among other specialists) with all the training and experience needed to handle facial extractions and other medical spa treatments.


Gold Coast Medial Artistry uses the latest in medical spa technology and equipment. What’s more, past and present clients love the spa’s services.


GET A FREE ESTIMATE. Call: +1-201-822-9268, email hello@goldcoasthoboken.com for facial extractions, skin therapy, surgical cosmetic services, and other Hoboken med spa services.

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