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Ten Things To Know Before Getting A Hoboken Lip Injection

In the field of aesthetic medicine, the lips are one of the most enhanced parts of the body. Whether it is to make it bigger, fuller, or poutier, different modifications can be made to give you the desired outlook. In recent years, lip enhancements have seen a lot of celebrity endorsements and more people are willing to get lip injections. If you are looking to get a Hoboken lip injection, there are certain things that you must know beforehand. Below are ten things to know before getting lip injections in Hoboken.

Ten Things To Know Before Getting A Lip Injection In Hoboken

  • Temporary Lip Injections Are Best: There are two classes of lip injections that you can get. One acts as a permanent solution, while the other is temporary. In the past, lip injections with long-lasting effects used to be the common option. These permanent injections made of collagen are effective in achieving pouty lips, but their undoing is their permanence. Their permanent effect means that changes cannot be made if the desired result is not achieved. It also means that further modifications cannot be made if you want one in the future. This is why temporary lip injections with hyaluronic acid are the best option for a Hoboken lip injection. Hyaluronic acid can be easily dissolved, allowing you to get the perfect enhancement that you want.

Lip Injections Are Safe:

  • The main concern for a lot of people when it comes to getting lip injections is their safety. Lips injections are quite safe, as long as they are administered correctly. Hyaluronic acid fillers are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you are going through a legal medical procedure. All you need to do on your part is to ensure that the process is carried out by a licensed dermatologist. In the case of any complications, your hyaluronic fillers can be dissolved easily and quickly.

The Results Are Instant:

  • The effects of lip injections usually reflect instantly. Although there might be swelling within the first 24 hours, this will be gone within three days. Doing this period, your fillers will have settled in giving you the desired result. Normally, your dermatologist should set up a post-treatment appointment with you, doing which they will check on the progress of your procedure, as well as attend to any concerns that you may have.

Lip Injections Might Hurt:

  • While it is not the most painful medical procedure known, getting lip injections might cause you some discomfort. This is why dermatologists use a range of numbing techniques to make you as comfortable as possible. These numbing techniques include using a dental block, an injection into the gum which numbs the mouth. They can also administer numbing cream, which has a similar effect to the dental block. Your dermatologist will brief you on the numbing options available to you, as well as the best one for you. Once you get this out of the way, the main procedure can then be carried out. Your lips will most likely be swollen for the first three days after getting the lip injection.

Take The Lip Fillers Slowly:

  • It is best to take lip fillers at a slow pace to avoid ending up with overly filled lips. This is why most dermatologists only administer half a syringe per time. This allows you to see the result of the administered quantity, before deciding if you need to make it fuller. Remember that it might take a full week before you see the full effect of your filler, so it is advisable to wait it out.

Choose A Qualified Dermatologist:

  • You must carry out thorough research on the dermatologist before getting a Hoboken lip injection. Take your time to check out the qualification of the dermatologist, their previous work as well reviews from past clients. You can also check with your friends and family who have had similar procedures done, to find out all you need to know about the dermatologist. Your safety is the most important thing, so you must be sure to be in safe hands.

Lip Fillers Last About Six Months:

  • The duration for which the effect of a Hoboken lip injection lasts depends on the patient. Factors like metabolism greatly how fast your body takes in the filler. Notwithstanding, most hyaluronic acid fillers usually last between six to ten months.

Avoid Blood Thinners:

  • One thing that you should not take just before getting your Hoboken lip injections is blood thinners. Blood thinners include aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil supplements, and ibuprofen. These blood thinners make you more prone to bruising after the procedure, so it is best to avoid them. You should also stay off alcohol and caffeine, for at least a week before getting your lip injection.

Stay Out Of The Gym After Getting Your Lip Injections:

  • This might come as a piece of bad news to you if you are a fitness enthusiast, but you need to stay out of the gym for at least 24 hours after getting your injection. Doing strenuous workout routines such as headstands and pushups will increase the blood flow to your face. This will end up adding to the swelling in your lips, which is not something you want. Working out can wait till your fillers are fully settled in.

You Can Always Take Out Your Fillers:

  • It is important to state again that you can always take out your hyaluronic acid fillers if you want. In the case that you are no longer comfortable with the fillers or you desire a different enhancement to your lips, do not hesitate to book an appointment to dissolve your fillers.


Getting a Hoboken lip injection might just be what you need to get the stunning look that you have been wanting. You must however ensure to consult a qualified dermatologist to help you with the process. At Gold coast medical artistry, we prioritize your health and safety needs. Our professional lineup includes a board-certified doctor and other qualified health professionals that will work to help you get your desired results.

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