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Hoboken's Leading Provider in Aesthetic Injectables

Injectables are among the most common aesthetic treatments provided by Med Spas. Summarily put, they are chemical substances injected into the skin mainly to plump up skin helping to reduce wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a popular example of injectables, which are used for the primary purpose of restoring volume to a specific area of the face, most commonly the lips, cheeks, and under-eye area. There are numerous other wrinkle-relaxing, premium injectables on the market on offer at Med Spas.

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Laser hair removal is another commonly offered treatment at Med Spas. The process of removing hair by using pulses of laser light to destroy or damage hair follicles has gained unprecedented popularity over time. The fact that laser hair removal ensures you don’t have to deal with hair growth in said area for a while makes it an attractive treatment to men and women alike. Medical spas offer the most cutting-edge laser hair removal technology for the treatment and tend to offer various treatment packages to help clients get a more customized experience.

While Med Spas typically focus on non-surgical and non-invasive aesthetic treatment, some innovative minimally invasive surgical procedures are sometimes available at Med Spas. One such surgical service you might find at a Med Spa is Smartlipo- an alternative to traditional liposuction, best suited for treating small areas of the anatomy that need fat removal. Smartlipo is faster, safer, and gentler than its traditional alternative.

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About Us

Located on the downtown riverside of Hoboken, we are conveniently just steps away from the PATH station. Our team of Aesthetic injectors and technicians are dedicated to their craft, constantly staying on the current trends of an ever changing industry. We take pride in keeping our patients informed and educated so that we are in line with their aesthetic goals.

Why Choose Us as Your Hoboken Med Spa?

Medical spas have become popular destinations for a wide array of treatments. Some medical spas, however, specialize in offering specific types of treatment, which is why it is of the essence that you make sure to research Med Spas in context to the treatment you are looking for. Choosing a medical spa that specializes in the treatment you seek ensures you get the best possible treatment.

If you are anywhere in the area of Hoboken and are looking for a Med Spa for injectables, laser hair removal, or Smartlipo services, then you have no reason to look beyond us. Here’s why:

  • Specialized Services: Instead of spreading our resources thin by offering an extensive array of services, we focus on putting all our resources in specific services, ensuring we offer the best in terms of treatments, products, and overall customer experience. When it comes to the services we offer like: injectables, laser hair removal and Smartlipo, you will be hard-pressed to find another business in the area as specialized and well-versed as us. And when it comes to such sensitive treatments, the knowledge that you are being looked after by experts in the trade is a huge plus.
  • Professional, Competent Team: We have a highly specialized staff, which includes a highly qualified doctor and a certified Physician’s Assistant, who have the experience and expertise to deal with every kind of case in the most competent manner possible.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: When it comes to treatments affecting your body, it is of the essence to be completely confident in the ability of those treating you. Our reviews as reflected in the experiences of those who have gone through treatment at our facility will be the best way for you to feel comfortable with the quality and reliability of our service.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: Even if you want a simple aesthetic treatment done, the clinical, impersonal environment of a surgery/cosmetic center can be quite a stressful experience. In contrast, the medical spas are the best of both worlds: They have trained staff for treatment and a relaxing, soothing environment of a day spa.  All this is combined to give you a much more relaxing and positive experience.
  • Latest Technology and Innovative Treatment: Med Spas are all about providing the best possible experience to their clients. This means they are usually equipped with the best, latest technology in the market and are offering the most innovative forms of treatment. For example, they are known to offer some of the best anti-aging solutions in the business.
  • Professionally Competent: No matter how simple or straightforward a procedure is, you always feel safer knowing you are being treated by qualified professionals. Med Spas have doctors and certified staff looking after the clients, ensuring that the health and safety of their clientele is a top priority.

Gold Coast understands that no patient is the same, so we work with you to provide a comprehensive and personalized skin care solution.  Contact us today for your personalized skin care treatment.

Hoboken’s leading Aesthetic injectors and technicians.



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