How long does under eye filler last? Complete Guide 2021

A question people often ask is, how long does under eye filler last? Under-eye fillers can be the solution to fill the areas below your eyes and make them more charming. Who wants to look weathered? The answer is no one. But, how can you amplify the attractiveness of your face? Well, there are numerous options to solve these problems. Cosmetic surgery with hundreds of possible options can be the accurate solution for your beauty.

Do you think cosmetic surgery is a permanent solution for your face? If yes, you are wrong in many concepts of cosmetic surgery. Every cosmetic surgery works for a specific duration and needs to be done again after that time. After the expiry time, your doctor can prescribe what to do next. Consulting a professional can be great who can guide you through the whole method. To make the story short, in this article, we will highlight under-eye fillers and answer the frequently asked questions, how long does under eye filler last?

how long does under eye filler last

What are under-eye fillers?

Under-eye fillers are part of your artificial beauty enhancement. Have you ever undergone a cosmetic procedure to enhance the external appearance of your face? There are different types of fillers that act on your skin and improve its internal content to boost the exterior. Under-eye fillers are added to the area below your eyes and remove dark shadows that affect your skin.

How is the procedure carried out?

Most people who want to undergo such methods ask questions about the process. It can be simple depending on the expertise of your doctor. However, before undergoing the eye-filling method, you must know how it works.


The procedure is quite simple to understand and can be done in 20 minutes. Here are the steps you can expect during your under eye filler appointment

  • Before giving an injection, the doctor has to determine the best area to maximize results. In the case of under-eye filling, the doctor will choose the best area for your skin to inject the substance safely.
  • The needle is injected and the doctor will push a determined amount of substance into that area.
  • Doctors make every effort to avoid pain. You will feel a quick pinch from the needle and then a bit of pressure as the doctor pushes the fluid inside the treated area.
  • The doctor then repeats the process on the other side to make things symmetric.
  • Once all the fluid has been administered, they will give you some basic instructions to assist in the healing process. Sometimes an ice pack will be given for use immediately following the procedure to limit swelling and bruising.

This is how you will undergo the whole process. Apart from reading this process, you must consult your doctor and ask him to let you know about it. It will help you build confidence and believe in your doctor prior to the procedure.

How will you recover after the procedure?

Once the under-eye fillers have been injected, the next step is recovery. You might feel some bruising and swelling in the upcoming days. In some cases, you have to visit your doctor a few weeks later to let them have a look at your results. If there is a need for any additional injections, he will carry them out. Most people recover in just a few days.

How long does under-eye filler last?

Now comes our main question of how long does under eye filler last? This question probably revolves in every mind who wants to go through the process. It depends on the type of filler and substance being injected.

  • Hyaluronic Acid might work for your under-eye area for up to 1 year.
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite is quite favorable and can work fine for up to 1.5 years.
  • Poly-L-Lactic acid is great for longer periods of 2 years or more.
  • Some people are interested in fat transfer in their under-eye area that is also possible and can last for three years.

Final Words:

Have you reviewed the whole article on “How long does under-eye filler last?” Talking about the basic facts, you can have a quick overview of the under-eye filling process with some important points. People undergo such processes to enhance their beauty and improve their external look. It depends on what you like, which process you carry out, and which type of substance fits your skin.

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