Lip Volume Loss Treatment in Hoboken NJ

Before you seek lip volume loss treatment in Hoboken NJ, it's important to understand the problem in depth. As we age, we don't just start forming wrinkles and fine lines on our cheeks, under the eyes, or forehead.

Lip Volume Loss Treatment in Hoboken NJ

Lip volume loss is also a sign of aging. Studies have shown that lips lose volume as we age. However, there’s more to lip volume loss. Let’s first define the term.

What is Lip Volume Loss?

With age, lips lose their lush and youthful appearance. Some fine lines and contours may also occur. Lips that are thinner with poor definition and other features like down-turning lip corners are said to have volume loss. Lip volume loss also includes vertical lines (smoker’s lines) above the lip and creases visible in the lower lip. 

Lip Volume Loss Treatment in Hoboken NJ with Fillers

If you already have lip volume loss and want a treatment that guarantees results, consider fillers. As the name suggests, fillers simply add volume by “filling up” the lips. While this treatment is effective, it must be done by experts to avoid problems like unnatural-looking lips.


What Causes Lip Volume Loss?

There are several causes of lip volume loss. The most notable include;

I. Aging

Research shows that lip thickness is at peak at age 14 in girls and age 16 in boys, after which both sexes start experiencing a slow and inexorable thinning process through life. In simple terms, lip volume loss is an inevitable process in life regardless of gender. To understand what happens to lip volume with age, it’s important to discuss the anatomy of the lips. 

Underneath the skin in the lips are fat pads that cushion the bones and muscles on the face. These fat pads give the face a rounded and soft appearance linked to youthfulness. While other factors can dictate how big fat pads are, thinning is inevitable with age. 

The fat pads thin and shrink with age losing volume with time. The rest of the face will also suffer this depletion. While some people suffer lip volume loss more than others, the effects of aging on lip volume are evident. 

Fat pads aside, lips also thin due to collagen loss with age. Collagen (a natural protein in the skin) is responsible for holding “everything” together. Collagen loss is a leading cause of accelerated skin aging. We lose collagen as we age, diminishing our skin structure and volume. 

II. UV Damage

Overexposure to harmful UV rays emitted by the sun is linked to decreasing collagen levels in the body. Your lips could be thinning because of exposure to too much UV light.

III. Genetics

Your lips could also be thinning because of genetics or hereditary factors. Some people who are in their teens tend to have thin lips when they should be having maximum fullness at their age. 

The shape of a person’s lips (which is largely genetic) can also contribute to a thinner appearance. A person’s lips could also be thinner than normal resulting in a low volume. Most of these factors are largely genetic, creating a need for an artificial remedy to the problem. 

IV. Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle habits like cigarette smoking can accelerate the formation of “smoker’s lines” (fine lines that form around the mouth), resulting in thinner lips. Smoking is linked to low oxygen levels in the body. This, in turn, limits the ability of tissues to regenerate when they die or get damaged. This applies to many tissues, including those in the skin around the mouth.

V. Inflammation

Inflammation causes oxidative stress, which is linked to skin cell damage. Excessive inflammation can be linked to many factors ranging from poor diet to stress and pollution. 

While there are other causes, you are most likely looking for lip volume loss treatment in Hoboken, NJ, because of the above causes.

Preventing Lip Volume Loss

Lip volume loss seems inevitable because of the main contributing factors like aging, however, it can be prevented by avoiding common accelerators like cigarette smoking, UV light, and poor diet. Some common effective interventions include;

a. Use Sun Protection

Sun protection can help protect the lips from harmful UV sunlight. A good sunscreen with moisturizing benefits can prevent accelerated lip volume loss linked to overexposure to UV sunlight. 

b. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Eat well, staying hydrated, avoiding smoking, and exercising can keep you healthier for longer, slowing down inevitable processes like collagen loss that bring forth most physical signs of aging, including lip volume loss. A healthy lifestyle will also reduce stress levels and inflammation linked to skin damage. 

Natural Remedies for Lip Volume Loss Treatment

If you already suffer from lip volume loss, there are natural remedies you can consider to treat the process. While these remedies aren’t assured of working, it may be worth trying. 

For instance, considering natural collagen boosters like staying hydrated and resting enough can have a significant impact on how you look. Taking probiotics and multivitamins can help boost the body’s natural collagen levels resulting in facial fullness. However, natural remedies aren’t guaranteed to work!

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FAQs About Lip Volume Loss

How much does lip volume loss treatment cost? 

It depends! Treatment costs will generally vary depending on the number of dermal filler treatments required to give a natural or satisfactory appearance. 

Is lip volume loss treatment safe?

Provided you receive treatment from licensed and experienced professionals, treatment risks are considerably lower. What’s more, licensed experts are obligated by law to share details about treatment before administering treatment. 

Does lip volume loss treatment have side effects?

Dermal fillers are administered using very fine needles that can result in slight discomfort as opposed to actual pain. While some swelling is expected, it subsides in a short time.

Lip Volume Loss Treatment in Hoboken NJ