Smart Lipo vs Lipo which one is your choice?

Do you want to compare smart lipo vs lipo? Before moving forward to the topic directly, we should introduce the importance of relevant chemicals and procedures in the body. Cosmetic surgery is not what it was twenty years ago. With the advancement in technology, hundreds of new instruments are available to carry out the processes. Even, in the upcoming years, you can find the domination of robots that will replace humans in hospitals. A process remains the best for some years and is replaced with a new one in the next few years.

If we talk about smart lipo vs lipo, we can find the difference in methods and use of technology to increase the ease. None wants to go through long procedures for their cosmetic surgery. Excessive fat on the body is the main concern for the youngsters or old age people. Carrying extra weight makes you look unhealthy and is a major cause of several diseases. In this article, we will highlight smart lipo vs lipo and which one is better for you.

smart lipo vs lipo

What is lipo?

Lipo is also referred to as traditional liposuction as it is one of the initial methods to be discovered for fat removal. Through this procedure, doctors can eliminate your body fats in certain parts and enhance the external appearance of your body. The body parts may include the thigh, knees, chin, and other parts of the body with excessive fats.

What is a smart lipo?

Smart lipo is nothing when it comes to purpose. Both types serve the same thing but the approach is different. Due to technology, you can go through the smart lipo process. With the help of a laser device, smart lipo starts lipolysis in your skin in the targeted location. In this procedure, a tiny cannula is inserted into the body to reach the targeted location. This contains the laser that works on the corresponding location. With lipolysis, your fat starts burning and minimizes to highlight your external look more effectively.

Smart Lipo vs Lipo:

Both methods are served to improve your external contour by removing the excessive fats from your skin. It depends on the patient or recommendation of the doctor to carry which one method. However, we can have a comparison between both methods to help you understand efficiently.


Both have quite different methods. One is operated with the help of technology and the other, by human skills and techniques. Let’s see both methods for lipolysis.

In traditional liposuction, the cannula is inserted into the body for the suction of the fat to eliminate it from under your skin. As this process requires human efforts and skills, we can say it physical manipulation.

In smart lipo, laser is used to burn your excessive fat.

Type of method:

In smart lipo, you can find the use of a laser instead of physical manipulation. Being the less invasive process of the two, smart lipo involves a minimal incision to your skin as compared to traditional liposuction.


All the processes involving human skills and incisions take more time to recover. It is because a chemical reaction or bruising may happen after the process. These are common symptoms of the procedure that take some time to recover.

Traditional liposuction can cause a lot of swelling and other symptoms that take up to six weeks to recover. You have to wait for that time to recover along with a special exercise routine.

Compared to lipo, smart lipo is more secure and takes less time. It may take up to four weeks to completely recover with no physical exercise. It also depends on the personal care to recover in a minimum number of days.

Which one is better?

In our comparison, smart lipo vs lipo, you can analyze different aspects. But what makes both processes significant? It depends on patients and the doctor’s approach. However, it all depends on your goals. If you want to remove more fat from your skin, traditional lipo will be better if the surgeon has years of experience and know-how to do it effectively. In some other cases, smart lipo can be effective if you want quick recovery and small fat removal from your skin.

Final Thoughts:

Have you reviewed the whole comparison between smart lipo vs lipo? Most people don’t know how to do and what to do in such cases. A perfect guide is essential for them to choose the above-mentioned procedures. Based on safety and your requirements, you can select any of the above processes but remember, lipolysis through artificial methods can be an alternative for a decrease in obesity. So, make sure, you have clear ideas about the method.

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