SmartLipo vs CoolSculpting: A detailed comparison

Have you tried Smartlipo or coolsculpting? Both of these procedures are comparable. Before moving forward to smartlipo vs coolsculpting, we must understand some facts about fat. How much percentage of body fat do you have? It is best to keep a healthy amount of body fat but dangerous in excessive amounts. You have to keep a balance between the different biological components of your body. Carrying too much fat can have a number of negative side effects on your health and appearance.

Excessive fat affects your body and makes you prey to several diseases. The natural way to control body fat is diet and exercise. In some cases, people struggle with these natural methods. For such people, Gold Coast Medspa has artificial methods as well. Depending on the method, coolsculpting, and smartlipo are used for fat reduction. In this article, we will highlight smartlipo vs coolsculpting and list their major differences.

smartlipo vs coolsculpting

What is smartlipo?

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive process in which fat is reduced through the help of a laser beam. Being an advanced process, the laser beam is used on the fat of a specified area of skin.

What is coolsculpting?

In the coolsculpting procedure, the applicator is kept on the area, and the fat cells beneath it are frozen. This process is completely non-invasive and is completely safe.

Smartlipo vs Coolsculpting

We can differentiate both processes depending on the type, methods, and other relevant aspects. Let’s move ahead to have a look at the major comparison of smartlipo vs coolsculpting.

How long does it take for the procedure?

Both methods have their distinct application and may need some time to implement and recover. However, results may appear late as the fat cells gradually start to die.

For smartlipo, it takes almost one hour depending on the area of your skin. In some parts of the body, it may consume more than one hour. Approximately 7 days after treatment, you can spot the difference in the skin and see fat reductions.

In coolsculpting, an applicator is applied to the skin that freezes the fat cells and kills them. Usually, this procedure takes 40 minutes depending on the area of skin. However, you can see the differences in your skin after some time.

Duration of results:

As the approach to adipose tissue is quite different, the duration of the results may appear otherwise. The ultimate goal of each process is to decrease the fat cells and bring your body into a suitable form. Here is the duration of both smartlipo vs coolsculpting.

Smartlipo is a quick process with fast results. You can achieve results after one week and feel the complete results within two or more months. It appears to be quicker when compared to coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting takes time to kill the fat cells. Depending on the area, it may take up to three weeks or even more to see the results. The process is slow but has great effects. You can remove one-fifth of your body fat with this process.

What is the cost of the procedure?

Are you concerned about the cost of both processes? Most people ask the price to determine whether they can afford it or not. Both methods involve cost for the instrument, the professional level of the doctor, and other relevant methods. So, we can have a comparison of smartlipo vs coolsculpting depending on their overall cost.

Smartlipo cost depends on the area of skin and other factors such as dose. However, it may charge up to $2500 for the fat reduction in the face, neck, thighs, and hips. The abdominal part usually involves more efficiency and charges higher than the other parts in smartlipo. If we talk about cost range, smartlipo can charge between $2500 and $5000.

In coolsculpting, the process relies on the applicator cost, area of skin, and professionalism of the doctor. We can list the cost range that is assumed to be $2000 to $4000. Large applicators can charge you more in this regard compared to smaller ones.

Final Words:

Which procedure would you like to choose? In smartlipo vs coolsculpting, both methods are effective and give almost same results. Cost, duration of results, and procedure are distinguishing points between both methods. Before going for any method, you must consult your doctor about it. If you are unsure which is best, you can contact GoldCoast Medspa doctors and understand the significance of each process.

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