What are smokers Wrinkles? Causes and treatment

Smokers wrinkles are a major problem among smokers. Do you smoke? Smoking is one of the most dangerous factors that adversely affects your life and makes you look aged. Cigarettes contain several types of toxic chemicals that decrease your life duration and cause cancer. Most people only know the cancerous effects of smoking. But, if we talk on medical grounds, there is another scenario as well. Apart from cancer and lung infections, smoking can cause smokers wrinkles.

Have you ever visited someone who smokes often? Have you noticed changes in his/her skin? Does he/she often cough? One of the earliest symptoms of nicotine in the cigarette is coughing and direct lung diseases. However, facial muscles also lose their tone and start deteriorating. In this article, we will highlight the smokers wrinkles in relation to the effects of smoking.

smokers wrinkles

What are smokers wrinkles?

If we define this term, we can assume vertical lines rising from the upper lip to the nose. As these are related to lips, so lipstick lines or lip lines are other names of smokers wrinkles. The root cause of such wrinkles is smoking and appears mostly in smokers. They can negatively impact your beauty and lifespan.

What causes smokers wrinkles?

Smokers wrinkles not only occur in smokers but also other individuals can experience it. Two ways are considered to be the root cause for the wrinkles. First, we will focus on smokers.

  • During smoking, the person continuously sucks the burning tobacco from the filter. With time, muscle lose their tone and lead to the appearance of a small visible line termed as smokers lines.
  • In cigarettes, numerous toxic chemicals act on elastin and collagen that are skin proteins. Malicious effect on protein causes lines to be visible.

In the case of non-smoking conditions, the individual might be involved in some sucking activities. Especially sucking through straws or blowing whistles for a long time can cause this problem.

What are treatments for Smokers wrinkles?

Do you want to get rid of these vertical wrinkles? Smokers lines cause adverse effects on your beauty and make you look older. To regain your glamour, you have to implement some great methods that could be a possible solution for it.  Here are the top treatment methods for smokers wrinkles.

Apply moisturizing creams:

Moisturization of the skin offers some great features to the face and enhances elegance. It keeps wrinkles away and stimulates collagen to produce effectively. As there are no sebaceous glands in the lips, it becomes necessary to keep the area moisturized above and below the lips.

You can try some effective moisturizing creams that offer a comfortable environment and have no side effects. They will help you regain your charm and eliminate wrinkles. With smooth skin, you will look more attractive.

Chemical Peels:

Do you know chemical peels? They can be the solution for all types of wrinkles and dark spots on your skin. In a chemical peel, the uppermost layers of skins are lost exposing newer and smoother layers of skin. In this way, you can have a better external appearance and enhance your beauty.

Dermal fillers :

Have you undergone filling procedures? Gold Coast MedSpa offers all types of filling methods that are temporary solutions for wrinkles. Not only for smokers lines, but filling methods can also eliminate all types of wrinkles quickly. They fill up the left space and level some bizarre parts of the face.

In dermal fillers, there are mostly substances such as hyaluronic acid that work for some time until they are metabolized. If you are assuming them to be the perfect solution for your wrinkles, it can be true to some extent. Singers or celebrities usually undergo such procedures to remove the wrinkles from their faces.

Laser Resurfacing:

Laser resurfacing removes the top layers of your skin containing smokers wrinkles. After that, layers underneath come to the top that look healthy, smooth, and attractive. Most people try laser through the process of laser resurfacing to get rid of smokers wrinkles.

Final Words :

Have you reviewed the article on smokers wrinkles? If yes, you might have received knowledge about these wrinkles. Apart from basic understanding, you can find different ways to treat your wrinkles and look younger. The permanent solution for smokers wrinkles is to avoid smoking and live natural life that keeps you away from such bad habits.

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