What is The Best Facial Wrinkle Treatment?

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There are anti-aging products out there today that promise all manner of results but fail to deliver. Considering the industry is worth over $44 billion as of 2020 and projected to grow at 6.1% CAGR annually till 2026, it’s easy to see why there are many people looking to cash in with inferior anti-aging products. 

One of the most popular anti-aging products are those that deal with wrinkles. With age, wrinkles are bound to form on our face, neck, chin, and other areas. Some people form facial wrinkles faster than others for various reasons. Facial wrinkle treatments address such problems. However, with there being all manner of treatments from creams to “magic pills” what is the best facial wrinkle treatment today?

The above facial wrinkle treatments stand out whether you have frown lines, marionette lines, bunny lines, crow’s feet, smokers’ lines, etc.

a. Injectables: Botox & Xeomin

Different facial wrinkle treatments stand out for different reasons. Botox and Xeomin stand out mostly for speed. If you already have facial wrinkles and want an immediate solution, just go for a few Botox or Xeomin injections. Both treatments are FDA-approved. 

Botox has been a reliable way of getting rid of wrinkles since 1989. A few injections on the target area get rid of wrinkles instantly. Botox can be used safely anywhere on the face. Xeomin is much newer than Botox, having been approved in 2010. However, it stands out for having longer-lasting effects. It’s also believed to be a bit safer than Botox. 

To ensure total safety and effectiveness of injectables (Botox and Xeomin), ensure you get treatment from a med spa with a license and trained medical professionals capable of safely and effectively offering facial wrinkle treatment. 

Gold Coast Medical Artistry is a leading med spa that offers safe and effective wrinkle treatments in Hoboken NJ, and nearby environs.

b. Microneedling

Since wrinkles can be traced to collagen reduction in the skin, procedures that restore collagen production stand out. Microneedling is one such procedure that involves the insertion of small fined needles into a treatment area to promote collagen production and restore elasticity, firmness, plumpness, among other qualities of wrinkle-free skin. 

Microneedling is commonly called collagen induction therapy. Besides dealing with wrinkles, the treatment can also deal with stretch marks and acne scars. The process also improves skin texture. Individuals who don’t mind minimally invasive wrinkle treatments with a long-lasting effect can consider microneedling. Since the treatment triggers natural collagen production, you can expect results that last longer than those offered by injectables. 

c. Laser Resurfacing

Some facial wrinkles like marionette lines can be eliminated using laser treatment.  In laser resurfacing, lasers are used to get rid of the topmost skin layer. The “wounding” effect of the laser stimulates collagen fiber growth. The epidermis heals, improving the appearance of the treatment area. Generally, the area becomes tighter and smoother. The risk of scarring is incredibly low. The treatment is also effective, safe, and comes with added benefits like improved skin texture and tone. 

d. SmartLipo

If you want a treatment that addresses facial wrinkles and other related problems like double chin, SmartLipo comes highly recommended. The method is less invasive than typical liposuction. Treatment utilizes heat energy for melting fat cells in areas such as the neck and tightening skin. 

A laser is inserted in the treatment area, and heat is used to liquefy the fat and suck it out. SmartLipo is fast and safe on areas like the chin since the laser doesn’t affect critical organs. Besides getting rid of fat in a double chin, SmartLipo also promotes collagen production, tightening the treatment area. The result is a smooth flat wrinkle-free neck. SmartLipo stands out as a leading treatment for getting rid of wrinkles and fat in stubborn areas in the face (neck and chin). 

Conclusion: Best Facial Wrinkle Treatments

The best facial wrinkle treatments above can get rid of just about any facial wrinkles thinkable. As discussed, each treatment is best for specific types of wrinkles. What’s more, the treatments must be administered by true experts for them to work. In simple terms, it matters where you get treated. 

If you care to get the best facial wrinkles treatment in Hoboken NJ, consider renowned med spas like Gold Coast Medical Artistry with the medical professionals and equipment to get rid of your facial wrinkles effectively and safely. 

The med spa has a cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic dermatologist, and other highly specialized personnel capable of offering safe and effective wrinkle treatments. There’s no need to worry about the quality of injectables or safety of procedures like SmartLipo and laser resurfacing, whose results are highly dependent on expertise. BOOK your professional facial wrinkle treatment appointment now!

What is The Best Facial Wrinkle Treatment? 

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