When should you get facial fillers? 5 Areas treated with facial fillers

When should you get facial fillers? 5 Areas treated with facial fillers

When should you get facial fillers? Today, people across the country are looking for treatments to reduce fine lines on the face. One of these treatments involves injecting facial fillers.  The concepts of beauty interpreted differently according to cultural or facial factors. Still, certain qualities seem to transcend these differences globally to determine an attractive look.

When you have scars, marks or wrinkles on your face or when you want a smoother appearance, you can go for the option of facial fillers treatment. Facial filler improves and enhances the appearance within a few sessions.

What are facial fillers, and how are they used?

In general, injectable dermal fillers are indicated to help fill wrinkles and give a smoother appearance. They are usually injected into the skin with a needle controlled by the FDA as medical devices. Temporary fillings include the following:

  • Collagen injections – based on a highly purified cow or human collagen
  • Calcium hydroxyapatite – a mineral and important component of bones
  • Polyacid lactic acid (PLA) –  a biodegradable and biologically compatible synthetic substance
  • Hyaluronic acid gel – a protective lubricating gel that the body produces naturally

When should you get facial fillers?

You might be confused to think when you should get facial fillers? When you desire to look more attractive or reduce the wrinkle or scar marks on the face. Usually, fillers are used to correct facial soft tissue defects, such as wrinkles ranging from moderate to severe. 

With the help of facial fillers, you can achieve amazing results such as clear skin tone, remove acne, scare marks, remove wrinkles and lift facial features. These are medicinal preparations of a gel consistency, which are injected under the skin as part of the contouring procedure.

The correction with hyaluronic acid facial fillers allows you to:

  • Eliminate nasolabial folds, lacrimal grooves;
  • Return the volume to the cheekbones, cheeks and temples;
  • Fill wrinkles and creases in the area between the eyebrows and forehead, around the mouth;
  • Eliminate cavities under the eyes;
  • Correct the oval of the face, the shape of the lips, chin.

4 Tips for Consumers About Injectable Facial Fillers

  • Never use injectable fillers from non-accredited providers or in non-medical settings, such as hotels or private homes.
  • Always know the kind of product to be injected and all its possible side effects. Know where each of the products used will be injected. Talk to your accredited healthcare provider if you have any questions.
  • Never buy dermal fillers on the internet. They can be fake or harmful or contaminated.
  • Never inject any filler or liquid silicone to delineate the figure. This means that you should never use breast, buttock, or space fillers.

When should you get facial fillers? Why do people prefer facial filler treatment?

Millions of people worry about the consequences of skin aging. With time, it reduces the effect on soft tissues. For this manner, a wide variety of treatments are available, but facial fillers are the most important, as they are increasingly popular every day.

When should you get facial fillers? Since the past decade, our ability to understand and treat facial aging has undergone a radical turn. In the past, facial aging was treated with almost exclusively surgical techniques that worked in depth to correct tissue laxity. Nowadays, facial fillers are the best way to solve problems like wrinkles, dark spots, or even scare marks.

5 Areas treated with facial fillers

Today we can affirm that in the modern aesthetic world, the restitution of facial volume and contour has become the first line of treatment before surgical correction.

When should you get facial fillers? Facial fillers allow to correct the signs of aging at any age since there is a specific product for the treatment of each type of wrinkle or level of volume replacement:

When should you get facial fillers?

  1. Fine lines and superficial wrinkles such as crow’s feet and perioral wrinkles.
  2. Filling and hydration of facial wrinkles when they are not too deep, perioral or nasolabial folds slightly or moderately marked.
  3. Filling of deeper wrinkles on the face, such as nasolabial folds or marionette lines.
  4. Specially designed to restore volumes of the face, cheekbones, cheeks, chin projection, nasal reshaping, scars, earlobe and hands .
  5. Lip contouring, lip volume increase, corner reinforcement and lip hydration.

Final words:

On average, a facial filler session takes 30 minutes. At Hoboken med spa, professional uses local aesthesia, to ensure painless injections and maximum patient comfort during the procedure. The effect of the procedure will be tangible and visible after the first session, and over time it may even intensify.

Most side effects occur shortly after the injection and disappear within two weeks.  When should you get facial fillers? Talk to your Hoboken med spa healthcare provider if you have any concerns about facial fillers.

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